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HP Computer Museum

Peripheral Products

Pen Plotters Selection:

Product Number: 7475A
Introduced: 1983
Price: $1895
Catalogue Reference: 1984, P. 628


Donated by: Tim Conolly, Glaxo Wellcome.

The 7475A was the follow on product to the 7470. Like the 7470, it used paper-moving technology. It also had a 6-pen carousel and could plot on both A/A4 and B/A3 size paper. The 7475A had a 6-pen carousel instead of an 8-pen carousel so it wouldn't overlap with the market for the yet-to-be-released 7550. In 1984, the 7475 was the most profitable single product within HP. HP had over 75% worldwide market share in small plotters with no major competitors outside Japan. HP could charge a premium for its products because the price benchmark was normally made against the previous generation HP model rather than against a competitor. The 7475 was a beneficiary of Lotus 1-2-3 software and the IBM PC and compatibles. 1-2-3 had a very crude graphics utility called "Printgragh". But it brought business graphics creation and printing to mainstream computer users for the first time. The 7475 was the most popular pen plotter ever made. It was not obsoleted until 1994, an amazing 11 year product life.

Collector's Note:

7475s are very reliable. All five units that have come through the museum have worked perfectly. To run the internal demo plot, hold down the P1 and P2 keys and turn on the power.

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