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PS/2 8580 Information Collection

WELCOME to my corner of the PS/2 information exchange world. It is my objective to share my experiences and those of other PS/2 enthusiasts with you. I will acknowledge some sources, although it will not be possible to acknowledge all of them. The links at the bottom of the page have proved valuable to me during the past several years, and I am including them in the hopes that they will be of similar help to you. The information included here is not endorsed by IBM in any way. Furthermore, no warranty. either expressed or implied, is given that the information is accurate. Therefore, please use everything here at your own risk.

foto del ps2



Manuale di riferimento tecnicoTechnical reference manual

PS2 Hardware maintenance module PS2 Manuale manutenzione hardware

Codici di erroreError codes

PS/2 8580 Model Types

PS/2 8580 Common Problem(s)

PS/2 8580 Processor Upgrade Options

PS/2 8580 Diskette Drives

PS/2 8580 Power Supplies 

PS/2 8580 Planar Memory

PS/2 8580 Bus Memory Adapters

PS/2 Proprietary SIMMs

Other web pages of probable interest are:



Fred Spencer per la versione originale di questo documentofor the original version of this document
Peter Vendt di mcmafia per i codici di erroreof mcamafia for the error codes