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HP Computer Museum

Business Desktops/Calcs

100 Series Selection:

150 Touchscreen
Product Number: 45611A
Introduced: 1983
Price: $2795
HP-150 with 9121Catalogue Reference: 1985, P. 39


Donated by: Tim Conolly, Glaxo Wellcome.

The 150 was introduced with great hoopla in October, 1983. It was HP's first MS-DOS PC, equiped with an Intel 8088 CPU. The market was already crowded with MS-DOS PCs, and vendors tried to differentiate their products with unique hardware features. In an attempt to make its offering easier to use, HP built in a touch screen feature to the 150. This allowed users to use screen-touching to replace many commands that would otherwise require the keyboard. The touchscreen feature consisted of a series of vertical and horzontal infrared light beams that crossed just in front of the screen. One of these vertical and horzontal beams was broken when a finger touched the screen, positioning the cursor at the desired location (or activating a soft function key). The 150 had the same form factor as the 120 with a nine-inch screen. The base unit shipped with 256K RAM. The hard disc version of the 150 was known as the "150 Touchscreen Max".