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HP Computer Museum

Technical Desktops

Integral Selection:

Product Number: 9807A
Introduced: 1984
Price: $4995
IntegralCatalogue Reference: 1986, page 78


Donated by: Paul Jones, Victoria.

The Integral was HP's first "luggable" computer. It was designed to be transportable, but ran on AC power only. It was the first HP portable/transportable computer to use the HP-UX operating system. The Integral was also the first HP computer to use an electroluminescent screen (orange). The Integral came standard with 512K RAM, expandable to 2.5 Mb. It included a 3.5 inch floppy drive (DS/DD) and a built-in ThinkJet printer. Use of the printer in a transportable environment was very cumbersome because the ThinkJet used fanfold paper which had to be loaded and set up every time the computer was moved. The Integral offered two expansion slots and an HP-IB interface, often used to connect to external hard discs. Software could be loaded through the floppy drive or via ROM modules. The Integral was the first and only product of its kind from HP. It was not replaced at end of life.

For more information on the Integral, please go to Peter Johnson's outstanding site.

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