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Amstrad File Archive

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Need a file/utility?

I am in the process of building this small archive of often requested files. Please let me know via email if there's a file you need that can't be found here. An alternative suggestions is for people to access the file library of the Amstrad section within GO UKIT on CIS if you have access to Compuserve. Also, in the UK there are some Amstrad related files in the "amstrad" conference of CIX for those who have access to that service.

Download problems?

A number of people have reported problems to me in downloading files from this page (especially the big ones). That's probably because UKONLINE, where this page lives, gets over-run once the UK enters the cheap rate phone period (1800GMT to 0700GMT). If you are accessing during that period and having problems then I have a mirror of this page here. This is on Compuserve (and hence in the US) and may give quicker access anyway if you are connected to a non-UK based ISP.

46001.Zip 195K PC1512 system disk 1 (please read this)
46002.Zip 128K PC1512 system disk 2
46003.Zip 182K PC1512 system disk 3
46004.Zip 182K PC1512 system disk 4 (bootable DR DOS)
46005.Zip 87K PC1512 system disk 5 (for HD machines)
47001.Zip 185K PC1640 system disk 1 (please read this)
47002.Zip 171K PC1640 system disk 2
47003.Zip 175K PC1640 system disk 3
47004.Zip 162K PC1640 system disk 4
Altprg.Zip 14K The DISPLAY and SWITCHER programs for ALT
Amsmou.Zip 16K MS Mouse driver 7.04 for 1512/1640/2086 only
AnneASIC.Zip 93K ZIPped copy of RTF doc describing PcW16 low level hardware and I/O
Arnold5.Rtf 53K CPC Plus/GX4000 programming information as RTF file
AskIDE.Exe 3K Program to get a drives head/tracks/sector numbers
Clock.Zip 1K Driver to fix clock on 1512 if using newer DOS
Inl.Zip 230K Software for IndexLink IX1000 telephone
(but I'm not sure how complete this is!!)
Integra.Zip 1155K All the model specific software for Amstrad Integra
Jazz.Zip 1K Soundcard drivers for Jazz 16 card supplied with 9486
Memm.Zip 9K Latest MEMM.SYS for LIM on 2286/2386/etc.
Mousefix.Exe 12K 2386 MS mouse fix for 6.xx and 7.xx
Mousfix8.Exe 42K 2386 MS mouse fix for 8.xx
Mpeg.Zip 1155K MPEG software for Amstrad Integra with TV card (now all included in single Integra.Zip)
Nvr.Exe 8K A copy of the 1512/1640 NVR program
PCW052.WPD 64K The latest FAQ for PcW16 in PcW16 format
Pcw16FAQ.Rtf 64K The latest FAQ for PcW16 in RTF format
(can be imported into Word or similar)
Pcwos.Zip 837K The latest OS Rescue Disc for PcW16 in
compressed floppy image format - see README.TXT
Pdademo.Zip 20K Demo program for developers for PDA600
Pendev.Zip 80K Another demo of programming PDA600
Penprg.Zip 10K Notes on how to program PDA600 (PS and W4W format) (includes a Penpad symbols TTF font)
Penpad.Txt 10K Original launch info about PDA600
Ppcdisks.Zip 480K PPC portable system disks (inc. Mirror and Organiser)
Pvga1a.Exe 175K The 640x400x256 Windows driver for Paradise
VGA in 1xxx/2xxx/3xxx/4xxx
RosanDoc.Zip 51K Programming info for Rosanne operating system as found in the PcW16 (brilliant OS!)
Setup.Exe 17K A copy of the 2286/2386 Setup program
TV.Zip 1155K Television card software for Amstrad Integra (now all included in single

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