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Peripheral Products

Storage - Magnetic Tape Drives Selection:

7970 Tape Drive
Product Number: 7970
Introduced: 1970
Price: $4600
7970ACatalogue Reference: 1971 Supplement, page 39


Donated by: Steve Brazzale (7970B), Australian Computer Museum Society (7970A/E).

The 7970 was the first tape drive entirely designed and manufactured by HP for use with its computers.

The 7970 10.5 inch reel to reel tape drives were the primary means of back up and off line storage for HP 1000 and 3000 systems in the 1970s. These machines were nine track drives with a write speed of 45 inches per second. The 7970B had a storage density of 800 cpi and a data transfer rate of 36 characters per second. The 7970E had a storage capacity of 1600 cpi and a data transfer rate of 72 characters per second. It was priced at $8,100. The 7971A was introduced in 1982. It consisted of a full-height, 19-inch rack bundled with one or two 7970B/E tape drives. It was priced at $16,000 with a single drive.

The 2022A was introduced in 1972. The 2022A was a magnetic tape reformatting system, used to convert magnetic tapes to Computer Output Microfilm (COM). The 2022A included a 7970 tape drive, 2100A mini computer and a 9860A card reader.

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7970 Tape Drive - Documentation

7970BTapeDriveTechData-2pages-Mar75.pdf 0.115 MB

7970ETapeDriveTechData-2pages-Mar75.pdf 0.116 MB

7970B_MagneticTapeSubsystem_Specifications_5952-4439_2pages_Oct72.pdf 0.124 MB

7970E_MagneticTapeSubsystem-PhaseEncoded_Specifications_5952-4440_2pages_Oct72.pdf 0.096 MB

7970CEAdjustmentManual-32pages-Jun80.pdf 0.347 MB

7970Series-OperatorsManual-07970-90885-17pages-Dec76.pdf 1.987 MB

IntroductionToHPDigitalMagneticTapeUnits-Mvd-014-123pages-Mar71.pdf 0.84 MB

7970BC-OperatingAndServiceManual-07970-90383-453pages-Aug73 6.64 MB

7970E-HP-IBInterface-ProgrammingAndServiceManual--07970-90919-100pages-Nov82 6.182 MB

RTE_SystemDriverDVR23_For7970TapeUnits_92202-93001_14pages_Aug74.pdf 0.136 MB

RTEDriverDVR23_For7970_92202-93001_21pages_Oct81.pdf 0.131 MB

RTEDriver_DVR24_For7970_25117-93003_13pages_Aug74.pdf 0.084 MB

7970-13181_Diagnostic_13181-90040_35pages_Sep71.pdf 0.226 MB

7970_BCSDriver_7-track_WithDMA_13027-90010_14pages_May71.pdf 0.105 MB

7970_BCSDriver_7-track_WithoutDMA_13026-90010_15pages_May71.pdf 0.126 MB

7970_BCSDriver_13023A_13023-90010_29pages_Jul70.pdf 0.144 MB

7970A_OperatingAndServiceManual_07970-90620_200pages_Dec70.pdf 3.323 MB

2022A_GetMoreFromCOMAndYourComputer_5952-4473_8pages_Sep72.pdf 0.975 MB

2022A_TapeReformattingSystem_5952-5452_2pages_Sep72.pdf 0.057 MB

1000A-LSeries_7970E-HP-IBVerifierManual_07970-90980_35pages_Dec83.pdf 0.254 MB

7970_LowBoyCabinet_07970-90921_18pages_Aug78.pdf 0.259 MB

13191A_OperatingAndServiceManual_13191-90000_33pages_Dec76.pdf 0.415 MB

13192A-13193A_OperatingAndServiceManual_ForTapeUnit_13192-90002_76pages_Jul82.pdf 1.097 MB

Documentazione tecnica Technical documentation  
  7970B/E Service manual 07970-90887_7970svc_Dec77.pdf
  7970E HP-IB Interface manual 07970-90919_7970HPIB_Nov82.pdf