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HP Computer Museum

Peripheral Products

Storage Selection:

9122 Disc Drive
Product Number: 9122
Introduced: 1984
Price: $1270
9122CCatalogue Reference: 1985, page 59


The 9122D was a dual, 3.5 inch floppy disc drive with an HP-IB interface. It's drives accomodated DS/DD discs (710Kb). The 9122S was the single drive version of the 9122 priced at $965. The 9122C was introduced in 1988. It accepted HD discs with a formatted capacity of 1.42Mb each.

The 9122 used the SS/80 command set.

Collector's Notes:

9121 and 9122 disc drives are often afflicted with sticky drive-eject mechanisms. About half of the units at the museum have this problem. This problem is caused by a build up of grease and dust within the mechanism. The stickly mechanisms are fairly easy to fix. However, if the former user of the drive became frustrated with the stickly mechanism and tried to force the disc in and out, it is likely that he/she may have permanently damaged (mangled) the drive's read/write head. To fix the sticky mechanisms, remove the drives from their casings so the eject mechanisms are exposed. Spray isopropyl alchohol onto all moving parts of the mechanism. Insert and eject a flexible disc (a few times if possible). Then, blow dry the mechanism with compressed air. Repeat this process until the drive eject mechanism operates freely (this may take up to five or ten iterations).

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