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HP Computer Museum


Inkjet Selection:

Product Number: 2227A
Introduced: 1986
Price: $799
Catalogue Reference: 1987, page 106


Donated by: Tim Conolly, Glaxo Wellcome.

The lab code name for the QuietJet series was "Bloom County" after the popular US comic strip of the time. The QuietJets got their names from the key user benefit they offered (quiet printing). The QuietJets were a little faster than the ThinkJet and offered slightly better print quality. The QuietJet was the first printer from HP to use the new, external power supply. No separate voltage switch or fuse configurations were required within the QuietJet to accomodate the power sources of different conutries. Instead, the power cord itself was country (or area) specific and included a unique transformer and power point plug. This design made manufacturing more convenient for HP, but it could be inconvenient for users. If the power cord got lost, it could not be replaced by a standard IEC plug power cord.

By the time the QuietJet was introduced, the inkjet print cartridges were reliable and somewhat readily available, but they were still expensive. The inkjet printers were still much more expensive to run than their impact competitors. Overall, the family represented a step forward for inkjet printers, but the leap forward was yet to come.

Collector's Notes:

The QuietJet and QuietJet Plus are much more rare than are ThinkJets. Like the ThinkJets, the QuietJets are very reliable. All units at the museum are fully functional. The QuietJets are much less likely to suffer from the non-printing print nozzle problem that afflicts most ThinkJets. Refer to the ThinkJet page for instructions on how to solve this problem if it arises.