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HP Computer Museum

Computer Systems

Terminals Selection:

Product Number: 2621A
Introduced: 1979
Price: $1450
2622ACatalogue Reference: 1980, page 636


Donated by: Ian Caine, Australian Dairy Corporation.

The 2621A was the first of the new "ET Head" terminals. Its CRT was 6 by 8.5 inches and displayed 24 lines of 80 characters in a 9 x 15 character cell matrix. The 2621P was introduced the same year at $2550 and included an internal thermal printer. The 2626A was introduced in 1980 and featured a display that could be split into four separate windows. The 2622A was introduced in 1981 and offered display enhancements including inverse video, underline and blinking. The 2623A was introduced in the same year and was the first graphics terminal of the 262X series. It supported graphics resolution of 512 x 390 dots. The 2624B was also introduced in 1981 and featured extra memory to hold downloaded forms and had advanced edit checks.

The 2626W was introduced in 1982 at $4950 specifically as a word processing terminal running HPWORD off of 3000 systems. The 2626W had 64K of local RAM to hold documents and free the central CPU. The 2625A was introduced in 1984 at $3495. It was a dual-use terminal offering 2622A capability on port 1 and IBM 3276 features on port 2. It also came with a tilt and swivel base. The orange-screen 2628A word processing terminal was also introduced in 1984, priced at $3195.