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HP Computer Museum


Inkjet Selection:

PaintJet XL300
Product Number: C1645A
Introduced: 1992
Price: $3495
PaintJet XL300
Catalogue Reference: 1994, page 34


Donated by: Hewlett Packard Australia Ltd.

The PaintJet XL300 was HP's first 300 dpi color printer and first color page printer. Like the laser printers, the PaintJet XL300 did not start printing until it had received an entire page of information from the computer. In most respects, this printer was mediocre. It was big, expensive and slow. The PaintJet XL300 was the first HP inkjet printer to use a heating lamp. It took almost five minutes for the printer to initialise after powering up. The print qulaity and print speed of the PaintJet XL300 was approximately the same as that of the DeskJet 550C, which cost seventy percent less. Like the PaintJet XL, the Paintjet XL300 offered lower ink costs with a separate ink cartridge for each of the four colors - cyan, magenta, yellow and black. It could also print on A3-size paper. Given its limitations, the PaintJet XL300 had a relatively extended life because it was the only A3 color printer available from HP until the introduction of the DeskJet 1000 in the late 1990s.