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Olivetti Quaderno Infoworld - Download

Download of Quaderno-software

Very important:
If you want to download and use any of the programs presented here, you have to accept and respect the


You can help me to keep these pages growing! If you have any software for the Olivetti
Quaderno that is not yet listed here, please send a short notice to:
Some of these files and programs can be found also at the great Quaderno-webpage of Hans Olav Elsebø!

  • Harddisc Recovery Data
These files contain all data of the generic drive C:\ of the Quaderno V30, including all
DOS-files and the complete set of Personal Accessories. If you have deleted the files from your harddisc
choose your language, extract the files to your drive c:\ and your Quaderno will come back to life ;-).

Filename Language Remarks Size   English   Contents of Drive C:\   1107kB   German   Contents of Drive C:\   1141kB   Spanish   Contents of Drive C:\   1128kB   Italian   Contents of Drive C:\   1128kB   French   Contents of Drive C:\   1129kB 

  • PA-Software (Personal Accessories)
Filename Language Remarks Size   English   Personal Accessories   197kB   German   Personal Accessories   198kB   Spanish   Personal Accessories   199kB   Italian   Personal Accessories   198kB   French   Personal Accessories   200kB 

  • Manuals and information
Filename Language Remarks Size   English   Quaderno 33 manual, pdf-format, zipped.   5184kB 
 q33_user_guide.pdf   English   Quaderno 33 manual, pdf for online reading.   3862kB   German   Quaderno V30 manual, Word 6.0   1314kB 
 manualge.pdf   German   Quaderno V30 manual, PDF-format   1687kB 
 quadfaq.txt   English / German   Interesting collection of usenet-postings and mails   70kB   English / German   See above, zipped.   20kB 
 quadfaq.pdf   English / German   See above, pdf-format.   68kB 

  • Tools
Filename Remarks Size   Diagnostic tool used by Olivetti to check every function of the Quaderno.
 Very interesting for advanced Quaderno users. 
 680kB   Same as above, but with some (batch-)files added for easier handling.
 Very interesting for advanced Quaderno users. 
 827kB   Some tools written by Oravecz Laszlo, click for content  86kB   Small utility that converts phn-files from the PA-phonedirectory to ascii
 and reverse. Written by Herve Galmiche 
 15kB   Looks like a BIOS-upgrade utility for the Quaderno 33.   573kB   Booksimulator by Bodosi Balazs. This small program allows you to rotate
 the text on the screen 90 or 270 degrees for increased reading pleasure! 
 14kB   See above for details. This version is somewhat newer, it was finished
 at the 05/28/98, whereas the version 13 was from the 10th june 1997. 
 16kB   Small utility for converting wav into voi-files.   5kB   This utility starts the Quaderno at a time you can set.   10kB   Some Polish files for the Quaderno.   54kB   A lot of small utilities in one zip-file. Click here for details.   25kB   There are even more utilities! Contents  8kB   Information about the ports of the Quaderno.   18kB 
 autoexec.txt   Sample autoexec.bat-file, which asks whether PA should be loaded or not.   1kB 
  • Games
Filename Remarks Size   Mahjongg tile game for the Quaderno, also written by Bodosi Balazs  19kB   Another great game for the Quaderno, and also written by Bodosi Balazs  40kB
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