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PHILIPS 107S monitor technical specs and information. Monitors, drivers, adapters, cables, video cards, schematics
PHILIPS Monitors
This page contains specs and other information on the PHILIPS 107S monitor. is a monitor information database. Whether you're looking for fixed frequency, multisync, workstation, or Mac monitors, MonitorWorld is the place for you. We also include information on accessories like cables, connectors, adapters, switchboxes, and fixed frequency video cards. For all of your monitor needs, use

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Model:       107S
Max Resolution:       1280 x 1024
Sync Type:       Unknown
H Freq/ V Freq:       30-66 Khz / 50-130 Hz
Tube Manufacturer:      
Monitor Type:       Multisync/Multiscan
Tube Model:      
Tube Size:       17
Connector:       HD-15

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If you have a PHILIPS 107S monitor, what else is there?
A video card, or video cards as the case may be these days, to get full performance from that monitor you probably just spent a pretty penny on. For a video card to run a fixed frequency monitor click here.

So you've got a PHILIPS 107S monitor and a videocard, and don't know what a 13W3 or BNC cable is?
Try our cables page for information on 13W3, BNC, HD15, DB15 , DB9 cables, and connectors.

Need to know about adapters?
You've got a PHILIPS 107S monitor, cable, AND a videocard, and now what can you do with an adapter. Heck, what IS an adapter? Try our adapters page to find out.

No matter what your monitor needs are has the answer for you. Enjoy your stay at our site, and have a great day.

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