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Apex Outlook EL-40DT/80DT Console Switch - Apex - Bomara Associates
  Apex Inc...Bomara Associates

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View all your systems on-screen-instantly!

The industry's first video screen-based switch, allows direct access to large computer networks from a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor. The EL-40DT or EL-80DT patented on-screen interface, OSCAR (on-screen configuration and activity reporting), lets users select as many as 64 servers from a single screen. Innovative technology allows servers to be identified using names as well as numbers, so system options can be viewed and selected from an intuitive menu instead of a predefined numbering system. EL-40DT or EL-80DT offer advantages such as reliable operation, physical space savings, hardware elimination, and reduced power consumption.

Configuration Illustration

Configuration Illustration

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  • 4-or 8-port models.
  • Control up to 64 servers from one console.
  • Patented OSCAR (On-Screen Configuration and Activity Reporting) user interface allows for very easy access and control.
  • Programmable scanning, naming, security and broadcast functions.

Windows NT